Customers Testimonials / e-mails

Dear Sirs,

I own a SAS Watch for nearly two years now and wear it every day working, hiking, shooting at the stand, skiing, diving, it performs any situation. I often get great comments about this watch and I surely don't regret my choice.

Best regards.



I received my watch today and just wanted to say I am very impressed with quality and design!  

The packaging/box is first rate as well!  

Many thanks,



I just received the Wilde rollerball,

This is the perfect gift for my father this Christmas :)

Thank you,



Got my Air edition last week. Within 2 days of placing my order!

I have been wearing it for a week and couldn't be happier.

Keep up the good work!



Hi Graeme:

The watch arrived already, is out of the box, and on the wrist. :)

I still don't know how you produce such a high-quality watch for the amount you charge, but I'm glad you do. Thanks again for another extremely satisfying experience.........

All the best,



Just wanted to let you know that the 'AIR' has (had !) arrived safe & sound. Lovely piece - Really pleased with it, thank you.

Particularly impressed with the sandwich dial with no 'text clutter' (like some do !) and the blue lume shining through, even brighter on the hands - It's a real joy in low light & at night. I'm also very pleased with how well it sits on my wrist; I thought it might be on the large side, but the curvature of the back of the case compensates perfectly for me.

All in all, very glad that I took the plunge with a brand that was, for me at the time, an unknown.



Hi Graeme

I would just like to let you know that I received my AIR "First Edition" yesterday morning and absolutely love it!

The build quality is amazing and it keeps excellent time.

I'll be sure to recommend your watches to others.

Keep up the great work!



My Dubh Linn arrived, safe and sound, this morning. 

It looks like a great watch and I'm glad it arrived on the rubber strap.  That way, I could wear it right away.

I will post some pictures on the Dive Watch Connection forum as soon as I can.

It was a pleasure doing business with you Graeme and I hope to do so again.



I have received my AIR watch today. Amazing!

Its build-quality equals my Panerai Luminor and its case design outshines Luminor.

I am tempted to sell my Panerai and get another SAS!






I got the Dubh Linn yesterday afternoon..... Thanks for a super service, and a fantastic watch.

I'm wearing it now, with the black leather strap..... Beautiful :-)

Best regards



I received the AIR First Edition this morning and all I can say is WOW!!!

The quality is outstanding and outshines the big brand names in my collection, the design is simply awesome!!

Thank you for making this a very easy transaction, and lightning fast delivery.


Paul Jr


Thank you for the watch and my #. It’s a great timepiece.

Your service is truly outstanding!




Just wanted to let you know the AIR arrived today, AWESOME!!!!

A beautiful watch and so happy I jumped back in, thanks again for working with me to make this happen!

All the best to you!





Air #5 arrived just before lunchtime here in California, and has been on my wrist since I tore the shipping carton apart.

Once again, I get to congratulate you on a beautiful and well-made watch. Kudos!

All the best,





Wanted to drop you a note that I received the beautiful TigerShark today!

Thank you for the giving me all 3 straps, the metal, the rubber and the leather. 






Received my watch yesterday.  Very nice; I'm going to enjoy wearing it.






I just wanted you to know that I've been wearing the Air for the past two days and I am impressed.  It is gorgeous.  I love my Sea Legend, but the Air is perfect.  It's classic and modern at the same time.

You're doing something special and you have definitely earned my respect.


I thought you'd like this...  a week ago a guy that I work with saw my Sea Legend and told me how much he liked the dial.  I told him that it was from the coolest watchmaker in Ireland and I sent him to your website.  I hope you get a sale.






Just thought that I'd send you an update...  I am loving my SAS Sea Legend.  The quality is amazing and the design impeccable.  I have a couple of other cushion case divers and your watch puts them to shame.  I really like the angular lugs combined with the sweeping lines of the main case.  The blue on the dial looks great.  Well done.






I just got my new rubber straps and WOW!! The quality beats my Isofrane’s hands down, and it’s more comfortable!! I will order more tonight,

Thanks again…

Michael T




Got my Watch 32/100
Superb quality and service!
Thanks for everything.
I'm a happy customer.




Just wanted to say that your SAS Legend is fantastic, I ummed and arred about getting one mainly because i did not like the logo so much, but then I broke down and got one anyway as i figured whats in a logo lol, so credit where it is due I must say I like what you have done, it to me is perfect and 100% a keeper in my rotation…..

Thank you very much, I'm now contemplating the Black dialed version too. Thanks for a superb watch.




I just got a Classic II and I can't tell you how impressed I am. It is, by far, the most watch for the money (or honestly 2x the money) I have ever owned. Truly impressive. I wish you and your company nothing but the best of success.

Mark C




The strap arrive today.

Wow, really nice strap. Equal in quality to the Isofrane which sets the standard now a days for rubber dive straps. I'll get The SAS strap mounted on a watch tonight to see how it feels.

My initial thoughts:

- Very flexible yet strong rubber compound, it should be very comfortable on the wrist
- Very nice aesthetic appearance. It should work well on all watches. Slightly dressier in appearance than the Isofrane (a good thing). I like the solid surface of the strap (no rectangle holes like the Isofrane. The long recessed grooves add just the right amount of surface detailing on the SAS strap.
- Nice even molded texture and no flash at the mold parting line, I can tell that this strap was made from high quality molds.
- Perfect black pigment colour.
- Nice thick rubber surround at the lug ends where the spring bar hole is. It appears very strong.

- Excellent strap proportions (thickness and taper)
- Excellently sized double strap keepers. Way better than the Isofrane's. The strap end slides through easily yet stays in place. Trying to get the strap end though an Isofrane keeper is very fussy. Nice thick keepers too, they don't feel like they will rip/break.
- Good idea to put the SAS branding on the inside. This decision make this strap visually acceptable on any watch.
- Excellent sizing on the buckle tang holes in the rubber strap. The tang feeds into the holes smoothly without binding.
- Beautiful, even finishing on the brushed buckle. Equal in quality to the Isofrane. Nice feature of having the screw attachment.

Overall I am extremely impressed, I can tell a lot of thought and development went into the details. This strap is equal or better in quality to the Isofrane, and at a lower price. IMO, once word gets around about this strap you will sell truckloads of them.

I would like to do a new post with some photos and comments about this strap on the WUS and DWC forums if you don't mind. People need to know how nice this strap really is. I'll shoot some photos this weekend and do a post. I'll let you know when I post and send you links.

Thanks again…





I received the new rubber strap yesterday, and I put it on one of my Panerais. It is by far the most comfortable rubber strap I have ever had and is perfect fit for my Panerai.

Thank you

Peter L




I cannot get over how well built this watch is. I'm very glad I decided that this would be my last watch purchase this year (let's see how long that holds up). I can't stop looking at it. My wife thinks I'm crazy. Thanks again.


Best regards,

Tommy T




I received the package yesterday.

Everything is wonderful including your very kind service.

I am enjoying the Sea-1 Class II on my wrist.

Thank you and longing for your new AIR series.

Warmest regards,






I received my Sea-01 Classic II today and I'm really blown away.  Between the beautiful packaging, unique case, and awesome sandwich dial, I'm really impressed. Thanks so much for ordering the rubber strap for me and for excellent service - I'll no doubt be putting in a great word for you and SAS around the forums.


Best regards,






I received the watch early this morning.

Let me tell you, this watch is something else, unique, awesome, stunning beautiful design. I'm very excited about this watch. I want to thank you for your great lightning fast shipping, you're the best.


I'm looking forward on wearing this beauty for many years to come, and no doubt that I will shop for more watches in your website store. "You rock, Graeme, keep them coming.....beautiful watches my friend!"


Thanks again and I'll talk to you later when I'm ready to buy another SAS, that's for sure!


Warmest regards,

Javier F



I got the Classic II today and am really impressed.  As (bad) luck has it, I have a cast so I'm wearing it on my right hand now, but I'm really enjoying the watch in so many ways - the sandwich dial, design of the case.  I'm looking forward to a lot of strap changes as well! 





Hello. Thank you for a beautiful watch.

Kind regards

Jan Tore




Hi Graeme, I received my watch yesterday and just wanted to tell you how delighted I am with the piece. Absolutely beautiful watch... Photographs certainly don’t do this piece any justice. Top notch build, fit, finish and presentation. Hopefully be able to add another one to my collection in the future. Many thanks for your help and best wishes for your future development and success.


Kind Regards

Stephen P





Hi Graeme, first of all many thanks for the prompt reply. Your reply just sold it for me thanks... I'll be placing my order in the next day or two. 

Thanks again...Stephen




Hi Graeme, I just wanted to say what an excellent watch your Sea-01 is. I have purchased two of these from eBay. Out of all the watches I own the Sea-01 is my top watch. All the best to you and your company.

Thanks Joe




I just got back into town yesterday and my wife had the watch sitting for me on the table. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to fix it. It is a wonderful watch and I will enjoy it for years to come. You have a unique company with unparalleled customer service and I look forward to seeing your future projects. Thank you again!


All the best,





I received the watch yesterday and I love it. Very happy to have it as my only custom watch. Tried it on with all the bands and all fit perfect. …


Very happy customer





How are you doing?  Hope all is well!  Thanks so much for the extra straps and goodies :)  I love this model so much.  Love the Orange tones and am going to put the Nato on it I think.  I am going to use one SAS for straps and one for the Bracelet :)  I will get some pictures up of the Tiger Shark ASAP!

Were you able to post pics of my SAS on your site yet?  I will send you some pics of the Tiger Shark too :)

Thanks again and am really liking my watches man!!

Don C





I received the watch last week and am very pleased with it! 






I LOVE this watch!!!  So much that I want a Tiger Shark from you too. …. Thanks so much!!

Don C.




It is wrong to say, "I love you"? LOL

Thank you!!






Hi Graeme,

Didn’t even think of getting my watch back soo fast!

Thanks a lot for this first class service!

When can we expect a new watch from SAS?

A motor sport watch would be great, but what about the caliber (7750 probably hard to get?

Shanghai 3LZF2 reliable enough? I have two running flawless)


Cheers and THANK YOU!






The SAS SEA-01 Classic has just arrived on my hands.
 Apparently is everything OK. I'm going to start a meeting right now and I do not have time to check it properly, so for the time being it seems perfect!
Many thanks for your messages about the "delivery tracking" and hope to come back to you soon with more details of my watch #262.
It has been a pleasure to make business with you.
Good luck for the future!
Greetings from Barcelona,




I'm really happy with the watch! (Wearing it most of the time the last week)…

Best regards,





I am very pleased with my sAs watch!...

Thank you,





Got it thank you - great product, service, and communication. Exceeded my expectations in all areas.





Once again you provide top notch service for the customer.

Thanks again for the great service and quick turnaround.


- Lincoln




I just wanted to let you know that I am ecstatic with my last business dealing with you.  First and foremost, I was amazed by the turnaround time of less than a week, especially since I’m located here in the colonies across the pond.


Second, my Sea-1 has been keeping exceptional time since you adjusted it, I haven’t had to pop the crown once since receiving it. That makes me a happy guy .

Third, I truly appreciate that you took the extra step of pressure testing the watch after adjusting it.  While I’m not a scuba diver, I want to know that swimming and snorkeling won’t damage my baby. :-)


Graeme, all my business dealings with you have been an absolute pleasure and I look forward to dealing with again in the future.

Needless to say, I am strongly recommending you to my friends and acquaintances.


Thanks again for everything.


Jerome L



Just took delivery of the Sea Legend.........It is absolutely fantastic, and I am thrilled to own it. The fit, finish and design are all top notch and the blue dial is killer.....


Hope you don't mind but I just put it on a custom charcoal Shark strap made by John Glance at Dangerous9 Straps, ( I switch straps a lot so I'll be wearing your wonderful leather and the bracelet as well),....I'll be taking some pics this w/e and send them to you.

You have been an absolute pleasure to work with and I can't wait to post the pics on WUS and have people start drooling :)

Thank you so much for everything, have a great w/e and take care,






I've received the Sea Legend watch,

I really like the watch, it’s awesome!





The watch is well designed and well made. I'm enjoying it… The straps actually fit very well and I love the colour and quality of the leather. So much that I am considering buying an additional one to wear on my Benarus Moray. Thanks again for your expedient communication prior to and during my purchase, it is greatly appreciated. I look forward to seeing more from SAS.


Best Regards,

Stephen S






It is very much appreciate Graeme. This is why I buy from smaller companies such as yourself. I get to talk directly to the source. I recently bought from Benarus, Magrette, and now your company, and I have been able to speak directly to the owner, designer, or other major player within the unit. I have really been wanting to buy an Oris Diver. I have wanted one for many years. But as time goes on I find that I am happier to purchase from quality people as well as quality products such as yourself. Thanks so much for your quick responses today. I hope you never get so big that you are unable to speak to every customer. I look forward to receiving my Sea Legend and I hope that blue dial is as beautiful in person as it is in the pics. That is what sold me on that model.


Best Regards,

Stephen S




I just wanted to let you know my watch just arrived, thank you so much for the outstanding customer service.

Thanks also for the NATO strap, a very nice gesture on your part.

I wish you continued success and look forward to seeing what new offerings you have in the future.

I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Best regards

Dave T (a very happy customer :))





Dear Graeme,

I received the watch yesterday.

Not only was I pleasantly surprised by the Nato strap but I was most delighted that you not only changed the movement but a whole of other things as well. : )

The new watch is working perfectly and I just want to thank you for your impeccable service.








The watch is on my wrist...

Whaoh! Perfect delivery, nice packaging, tools and metal strap included, very nice finish, fits well... "que du Bonheur"

I will wear it on my next dive trip to Guadeloupe and try to make some shots.

Thanks for all and (I repeat) congratulations for your work and customer service






The watch is great! Please let me know if you produce another one.


Best regards

Christoph H




It is my pleasure to inform you that I have sitting on my wrist as I type this my SAS-1, the very first in Brazil, as far as I know! :)
Here's the scoop:
Shipping travel time: bro, from Ireland to Brazil it took 3 days, roughly! I could not believe it how fast it arrived, even more if we consider it came via regular registered post! Wow at that!
The mail man finally made the delivery of the 2 packages today at my home address, barely catching me home on time to leave for work!
The packaging: it's relieving to know a person who knows how to package, man. And you are DEFINITELY one of those guys! Thankfully!
Both the package containing the box and extras and also the package with the watch itself arrived in perfect shape, and they were bomb proof! The watch box is gorgeous and very well crafted.
The watch itself: Graeme, let me say that I'm flabbergasted with your watch! So far it is the heaviest watch I have ever handled. And I thought my ecozilla on st. steel factory bracelet was the heaviest one....ha! Was I in for a surprise upon first opening the little small box you've accommodated the watch in. You were very clever, man. This is the best packed watch I have ever bought. A bomb could have dropped on the package and the watch would have survived!
First impressions from out of the box: SPECTACULAR! HUGE! DETAIL PERFECTION! OUTSTANDING DIAL, HANDS, CROWN, BEZEL, EVERYTHING! I don't know many more adjectives to describe your product. The bracelet is in a class in is REALLY a very well built bracelet, specially the end links. The caseback is awesome! The case (for me, the main part on a dive watch) is a true work of art, and it is to die for.
I still need to wear it solidly for a week at least to better measure accuracy and all the quality it screams, but from a out-of-the-box point of view perspective, I'M LOVING THE WATCH and it instantly became my favourite one!
Bro, sorry if I'm coming across as an exaggerated person, but it's been really difficult to curb my enthusiasm with the watch. It is everything that I've expected AND THEN SOME! I have been watching your product since its inception pretty closely on the fora, and I could not wait until it was finally released and have the chance to buy one for myself. It was a well worth wait, lemme tell ya....
Man, I wanna say to you that my SAS-1 is definitely a keeper in my collection. I will NEVER EVER part with it. It's different from everything I have in terms of dive watches.
I'd like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for being a class act to me, for understanding my plight and accommodating me the best you could to cater to my needs. I have seriously appreciated it and will never forget.
Also, I would like to congratulate you for bringing to the market a first class product that leaves nothing to be desired in comparison with the big branded ones. You made it, Graeme. Made it big time, man. Fell proud of your achievement 'cause you definitely deserve it.
A thorough DWC post will be made as soon as time permits. ;)
My warmest regards to you, my friend!
Have a great weekend!
Your new Brazilian friend and fan,




The watch arrived today.

Many thanks for this fine piece!

Best Regards





I was able to have FedEx hold it at the depot and I picked it up this a.m.  WOW what a watch!  I had initially gone with a Boschett WUS DWP (Watchuseek Dive Watch Program) but something about the sAs kept nagging at me.  I was not 100% sure about the WUS DWP and did not want to have buyer's remorse so I sent it back and purchased this one.  Boy am I glad I did!  This watch is all everyone said it was and more!  I really like the square case with the round dial.  I like big diver watches and this one fits the bill.  The only comment I can make is that with the hex wrenches you might want to think about including a small screwdriver to adjust the links.  I was lucky in that I have a set of jeweller’s screwdrivers else I would have to take the watch to a watchmaker/repair to have the bracelet adjusted in the future.  By the way, your adjustment/sizing was right on.  I adjusted the micro- adjustments within the buckle and the watch fits perfectly.  Thank you for all your help with this purchase…


Thank you and kindest regards,





Hey Graeme, I'm sorry for the delay in this response, I wanted to let you know I did get the screw bars and I ordered and received the strap that I bought from you. I have to say, I am more then pleased with your watch, service and communication. I will be getting another strap from you at a later time. Just wanted to take a second and commend you on a job WELL done.

Thanks again,






Received watch today and very nice it is, i hope to see some more of your watches in the future.

Thanks Jimmy.




I received watch #85 yesterday, Thursday, and I am very pleased with it! So far everything is good!

It looks fantastic! I am very impressed!

Will try to change the rubber strap one the days to the steel.

Thank you again!


Best wishes







Un grand merci pour votre super geste commercial !!

Le colis est bien arrivé , avec les bracelets, ils sont superbes.

Merci encore.

A bientôt.





Yes delivered this late this morning, delighted with the watch, thanks again, will send some pics when I get a chance to get the tripod out.






Awesome, Thanks for the quick service. I may have mentioned it when I spoke with you the other day, but again I LOVE THIS WATCH. I just keep looking at it. I have had several complements on it in the few days I have had it. I guess my wife would thank you as well, because now I'm looking at selling all my other watches. I just don't wear them.

Thanks again Justin K




I want to let you know I think your watch is fantastic.  You are fantastic with service and you care about your customers….

Shawn B




I have to tell you I am blown away by your level of service.  I wish all companies stood behind their product like this. 

Christopher S.




I receive the new clasp.
Very good service.
Thank you very much!!




The SAS arrived on Friday. Many thanks.
I love this watch :-)

What are you planning for the future?
Is there a new watch model or something else?

Best regards



Thanks for the Watch. It’s Awesome.-

I’m so happy with it already.

Here is a salute for you ::)






I have bought a SAS watch already but my watch is now on my father’s wrist. Now I need a new SAS watch for me.





Watch has arrived. Very impressed - the attention to detail far surpasses many more expensive brands.  You will go far.  I look forward to the next series.

Kind regards






Watch has arrived back, it looks perfect.  Thank you very much for you speed and professionalism. Thank you also for the strap too, it is greatly appreciated.
All the best




Hello Graeme,
Got the watch, Nice watch a beauty





Just got the watch and it is very nice.

Thank you for the opportunity to purchase it.

Best Wishes

John Long




With all the back and forth with Doxa over their saturation diving watch build, you basically went and built what I was trying to get them to do. Good job, this is what a REAL Commercial Diving watch should be.


Kind Regards,

T. Kite

Commercial Diver




I just wanted to say thank you for the great and prompt service in regards with my order. Your alert email system is one of the best I've encountered with ordering a watch. Even compared to other large companies and sites.


As for the watch...well...I love it. The styling is fantastic and the make has a great quality. As much as I love my omega sea master chronograph, your first watch release feels just as durable and with styling to match. Just want to let you know that your product is wonderful and to keep up the good work.


Good luck with your sales and future productions. I look forward to dealing with your company again.


Great work,

Michael J.





Many thanks for the nice watch and the thoughtful present for the little one, everyone in the house was mighty pleased. Please let me know if and when you are launching other models.

All the best, kind regards






You sir, are the best.  I had no expectation of the ding coming out given where on the case it was.  I really appreciate you working on the scratch.

 Thanks!!!! ;-)





Dear SAS team,


Much appreciated for the new SS bracelet.  This helps me tremendously as I only have 6.75” wrist.


Take care,






You guys are the best  - Thanks so much for the efforts on your part to rectify the problem.  The watch is just great and it was worth the wait…








Just received the watch, very impressed it sure has some presence. 

Many thanks.





Just got my watch, awesome, is the only word to describe it, thanks so much,


Chris M




Thank you I received the watch yesterday  and I am very happy. Well done and great job you have done on it. Very very impressed.  I wish you every success.

Thanks again, it’s been a pleasure





I've received the SAS SEA-01 yesterday. Thank you very much!

What a awesome watch?

I love the SEA-01 :-)

Now I'm looking forward for upcoming SAS Watches. Have you got something in the Pipeline?

Best regards from Germany





#15/100 finally arrived yesterday.  Thanks again and so far I am loving this watch.

Best Regards,






Just one word, WOW!!!!! Got my SAS today, it is just amazing!!! THANKS a lot. The bezel was just perfect, tight and accurate!!!  I have had many watches, Bell and Ross, Breiteling, Omega, Panerai and U-boat, but none so tight as my SAS now. Well done Sir!! Now we just have to see how well she works with me I will keep you posted.

All the best





Got the SEA-01 #86 on Sat. Love it! I am going to keep it






I am the proud owner of #96 and have to say I love this watch!! …






Graeme, the watch is amazing! Your attention to detail and quality of the watch is exceptional... I really appreciate your customer service as well!...Thanks again!






Quiero felicitarlos, este reloj es estupendo, la caja(SS watch case) es sólida, el tamaño es proporcionado, es muy confortable, el peso es ideal…

La caja de madera es hermosa…, los detalles de la herramienta, pasadores, tarjeta de garantía y autenticidad.

Estoy orgulloso de ser uno de sus primeros clientes

Mañana hago un post en WUS